Sustainable Solutions - Gaias Homes

– Residential /Hospitals /Schools /Industrial

– Up to 90% cheaper than conventional construction

– 30 times faster than conventional construction

– 4 times longer lifetime (500 years)

– Earthquake proof

– Cleaning up the environment

– Plumbing + Electric wiring included

– Turnkey ready buildings

– Order in the color of your choice

– Gardens on the Rooftops possible


A 550 sqft building removes in average

3 tons of plastic waste out of the environment. 

Our Bricks bind the plastic for up to 500 years 

If a house needs to be demolished,

we can easily de-assemble it

melt and re shape them into new Bricks.


Our technology makes it possible

for the industrial and real estate

market to build fast infrastructure

Governments, NGO’s and low income families

profit from our technology.


The Blocks of the first and second generation

( In the Video seen the first generation )

Allow us to build infrastructure in an incredible

speed. Using an interlocking system

its easy to assemble and the finished structure

is an earthquake proof building you can trust.

Building Eco - Living Smart

821,917 TONS/DAY
Plastic Garbage World-Wide
1,600,000,000 People
Without Proper Shelter World-Wide
1,300,000,000 TONS
Plastic already polluting the Environment
90$ per sq/ft
Average cost of Housing world-wide

What We Change

3 TONS Recycled Plastic
Per 550 sq/ft House
12$ - 18$ per sq/ft
For Turnkey Ready House + Electric & Plumbing


  • We worked with the Team of Gaiashomes at the fine tuning of their blueprints for their Bamboo and Polysand houses and we became huge fans of this amazing Idea. This project is what India truly needed and we hope to be proud owners of our own Gaiashomes in the future. Thank you for your visionary work!

    Umesh Jena
    Umesh Jena
  • Innovative Entrepreneurs and Projects like this is what our planet needs. If you want to create a real difference and don’t know where to start, Gaias Homes is probably the perfect Partner for you!

    Green Lifestyle Magazine
    Green Lifestyle Magazine
  • Who would have believed that it takes only a good Idea, a handful of smart guys and a bit of motivation to create a solution for some of the mayor problems of our modern times?Thumbs Up from us for this inspiring work!

    Eco Magazine
    Eco Magazine

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