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8 Acts Of Kindness For Mother Earth

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The Earth is at a tipping point – if we do not change our ways, there might not be much of it left in the future, as man seems hell-bent on polluting the very air he breathes, the very water he drinks from and the very earth he draws sustenance from. “What can I do?” you ask, “I am only one person”. Most of the time, it starts from just one person doing an act of kindness and eventually inspiring others to do the same.

8 acts of kindness YOU can do for Mother Earth:


#1 Re-usable Bags


Always bring a cloth or a reusable bag with you. Disposable plastic shopping bags are one of the worst polluters in our oceans, and birds and fish mistake them for food. This has a nasty habit of coming back to us in the form of microplastics when the fish end up eating plastic as food and man ends up catching them for food. Paper bags may be friendlier to the environment but it still costs time, energy and chemicals to manufacture them. Carrying your own bag is one less plastic or paper bag for the shops to use.



Resusable bags are a great way to reduce your plastic and paper use and help Mother Earth


#2 Re-usable Drinking Bottle


Bring your own thermos or reusable drinking bottle to work or school. Water bottles and plastic cups are another source of pollution in our landfills and water. By bringing your own, you save on not using the disposable kind that ends up in the garbage can after one use. That one cup you save can become 365 cups by the end of the year.





#3 Turn off Lights


Be mindful. Turn off lights, electronic equipment and water faucets when not in use. Close the doors left open in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. The more you conserve energy and water, the more there is to use by others – and you save money!



Turn off the lights when not in use


#4 Don’t be a Litterbug


Don’t be a litterbug. That plastic or paper you throw on the street might end up either clogging some pipe or polluting the ocean or a lake or river. Likewise, when you see litter on the street, if you can, pick it up. If it is recyclable, recycle it.


#5 Re -/ Upcycle


Recycle. Or better yet, upcycle! Turn those wine bottles into pretty vases, or those cool jars into a light fixture. Old tires can end up as planterns or cozy outdoor seats. The internet is full of ideas and how-to-do videos on how to turn your trash into cash. Better yet, try making your own DIY (do-it-yourself) video. Who knows, it could be the next great thing.




#6 Eat your food !


When getting food, take (or cook) only what you can finish. Uneaten food often ends up in a landfill, increasing methane emissions. Better yet, if you can compost, use your food peelings and leftovers as such and start a small garden.


#7 Declutter


Declutter. We tend to keep too much stuff. Cleaning up your closet or storage can probably yield items you thought did not have and could use again. So items can be recycled, donated or resold. Your extra stuff can help others in need – maybe someone else or even you! If you’re not the generous type, resell your unused items if they are still in good working condition. Another person can make use of it and you’d have earned money in the process. One man’s trash can be another person’s treasure.




#8 Be a kind human being


Be kind and patient. Yes, helping Mother Earth requires innate kindness and patience as many will not share your passion and urgency. They will ask questions. Your attitude and approach when you answer their queries on what you are doing, why you are doing it, and why it is necessary to do what you do will determine if they will follow your example or continue their ways. The goal should always be to educate through facts and common sense. People tend to believe people who they know is kind and compassionate than someone they perceive as obstinate and combative.

There are more ways to help Mother Earth like volunteering at organizations, donating cash, talent and time, creating an app with an environmental impact, and many more. However, these small items we listed for you can get you started today until it becomes a habit. Who knows, you might have just inspired a movement out of one small act of kindness.

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