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We make big steps in solving the waste management and housing crises internationally. Massive amounts of toxic trash are discarded into overflowing waste dumps every day. This trash could be a resource in a highly overpopulated and resource-limited world

Starting with turning recycling plastic waste into cheap housing. this wont be the end of Gaias plans


Solving the waste- and housing crises at once with one technology

We use different strategies to recycle plastic waste into living capital — cheap and high-quality housing based on the “Lego-principles”. The houses are earthquake proof, have a lifespan of 500 years, and can be built in a few days. Each house removes between one and five tons of plastic waste from environment. 


  • Anish
    Anish Media Designer
    • Alpesh P.
      Alpesh P. Chief Finance Officer
      • Rituraj Shrivastava
        Rituraj Shrivastava Management
        • Prahalad A.
          Prahalad A. Chief of Sales

          With our technology, we are able transform the world’s biggest slums into areas that promote a high standard of living – all of this only in a few years. Our housing models also allow us to plant gardens on their rooftops, transforming cities into lush green areas that work against climate change, raise health, happiness and decrease criminality.

          Planting Gardens on rooftops is a modern trend we want to share with India


          • Swati S.
            Swati S. Engineer
            • Rohan S.
              Rohan S. Engineer
              • Krishna L.
                Krishna L. Architect
                • Akshay T.
                  Akshay T. Architect
                  SOCIAL WORK
                  Sharing our profits with the lesser fortunate is part of our philosophy

                  Using our technology where it is needed the most and even creating our own social projects, helping society wherever we can. We are aware of our social responsibility we have as company that offers affordable housing – and we take it serious.

                  CONTENT WRITER

                  • Alexis Vida Medina Lim
                    Alexis Vida Medina Lim Content - Writer
                  • Doyan Wilfred
                    Doyan Wilfred Content - Writer
                  • Analissa Lim
                    Analissa Lim Content writer
                  • Kanika Golani
                    Kanika Golani Content writer
                  • Cherry Katoch
                    Cherry Katoch Content writer
                  • Karthika Nair
                    Karthika Nair Content writer
                  • Cristina Toscan
                    Cristina Toscan Ambassador Italy




                  What sets us apart is, our technology is not limited—we will be sharing access to our technology through our global Ambassador Program. Our technology and our method will be shared and implemented wherever it is needed in the world to make a difference.

                  OPEN SOURCE
                  This technology is important, everywhere, we want to share it with the world


                  • Annie Simoy
                    Annie Simoy Ambassador Philipines
                  • Cristina Toscan
                    Cristina Toscan Ambassador Italy
                  • Jason Nutter
                    Jason Nutter Ambassador Singapore
                  • Cintia Aguiar Pinto
                    Cintia Aguiar Pinto Ambassador Canada/Portugal/Spain
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