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The easiest Offer

Buy a turnkey ready Home we planned for you. Choose the size, see the floor plan in the description and check the additional Packages – then wait until we deliver your new Eco Friendly Home.


Lasts for 500 years


Stronger than cement (1.5 times)






Earthquake proof


Fast assembling


The flexible Offer

Get to work with our architects. Chose the size of your plot and your requirements. Our Architects will plan your Home regarding to your needs and the possibilities of our technology. – Until you are satisfied. 

If your required plot size is not available in our shop, feel free to send us a message and we will create for you a custom offer.


Hollow inside for electric and plumbing


Every Brick removes up to 2 kg plastic out of the environment


Vastu Compliant


No professional skills necessary


Re-assembling possible


Free choice of colour


Build a house in five days


No adhesive necessary

Time moves fast

Build in the future!


Our ways of building houses has not changed since decades, it is a very resource and time consuming process – on top polluting the Environment. Our Society evolves fast – with the speed of light – One generation grew up without Internet and black/white TV – while their children have the chance to live already into the age of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. It is time that this progressive evolution with a sustainable touch also arrives in the building industry. Visiting this website – you see it happen right now.



Our Bricks are made of recycled plastic and mineral components like sand. After collecting and shredding the plastic, we melt it down in Extruding machines. mix it with other components like sand and create the End product – Bricks.

A more cost effective and sustainable way of producing construction material is not available on the market. 

 Cheaper – Faster 



Up to 99% cheaper and 30x faster – Incredible? Unbelievable? Maybe – But it’s true, the future of building now arrives and it has it’s debut in India. While building houses, hospitals and other necessary infrastructure for a percentage of the cost and time – it also cleans up the Environment from plastic pollution.

The future of Real Estate is now!

Electric Wiring? Plumbing? Painting?




Building a one Family Home in only 5 days for a small percentage of the price sounds amazing – But then you still have to beat yourself around with Electricians and Plumbers that give you way too high price estimates – what is with those additional costs? What if we tell you: There are NONE?!

The hollow shape of our Bricks allow us to funnel electric wiring and plumbing into the walls while building them – Drilling holes for sockets, outlets and pipes wherever they are needed. Delivering a Turnkey – ready house in 5 days. 

You have a favorite color? Also a bit tired of painting your house new every couple years? How would it be to get your house DELIVERED in your favorite color – a color that never changes, bleaches or brittles? Our Material can get delivered in a wide range of colors. – chose wisely, it will last you forever.

Fire Resistant – Mold Resistant



The incredible powers of our technology are limitless – thanks to the high plastic and mineral content it combines the powers of Minerals and Plastic, making our Material Fire Proof, absolutely Mold and Water Resistant – Since it can not rot – your house will last for approximately 500years. This is a 4x longer lifespan than the best modern conventional buildings can offer.

Your Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand-Grand Children could still enjoy our buildings in the year 2517.

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