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The Impact of “Beauty” on Happiness

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We love writing about Happiness, thats why we don’t stop doing it! Already Plato emphasized that “the human being naturally desires happiness”. This is why we continue our Articles “The Impact of Money on Happiness” here with this Article about the Impact of beauty on Happiness. Hang in here with us and explore together with us the secrets of Happiness in our Articles circling only around this special Topic. 

People live for achieving happiness and in every part of their lives they chase happiness. There are many things to make a person happy and humans try to add them in their life frequently. Also beauty can be a significant factor while being happy and it is a complicated subject that has been questioned since the beginning of human being. Many intelligent thinkers tried to explain it and assert the importance of beauty in a person’s life.


  • According to Heisenberg “beauty is the source of illumination and clarity”.
  • Plato highlighted the importance of human beauty while achieving happiness.
  • Socrates claimed that a good personality is better than any type of beauty and only “the soul of beauty” can make a person happy.


There are varied demonstrations about beauty and they can be extended. Yet actually beauty has an essential role while pursuing happiness. Although some believe that it is only “the soul of beauty” that can exactly make people happy, research studies indicate that this is not certainly true because apparently beauty can provide social and psychological privilege and give a chance to find better social contacts, which is directly connected with happiness.

Although some of the people may be concerned that being beautiful does not always create a chance to be satisfied, it is not always true because beautiful people can easily impress community – so this esteem is able to make good looking people confident in their lifes. Therefore, beautiful people can get rid of some stress since their self-confidence increases and continue with a huge self-reliance and take advantages of some benefits of beauty. 

Beauty supplies a better social life as well as a brilliant career. In society, people claim that an attractive person must have a good personality in contrast to an ugly person. That assertion obviously shows that society is biased towards ugliness. As a result ugliness can make people upset due to the fact that society keeps away from them. In addition to it, there is a research survey to prove the importance of beauty. In that survey people are separated by their attractiveness and scaling their life satisfaction from 10 to 0 is asked. The result of the survey indicates that good looking people are five times happier than bad looking ones. Consequently, a person who has a better appearance is happier than others. 


“psychical attractiveness alone influence success, power, happiness and satisfaction in life.”


It highlights that while attractiveness can change the view of society, it can also influence personal success. Attractive people create a “halo effect” on society. “Halo effect” means looking talented, successful and also intelligent while convincing community that those characteristics belong to them. It illustrates that good looks makes an impact in order to impress people. Moreover, there is a critical point that can make attractive people successful in reality. As good looking people get a better attitude from the community, it raises their self-confidence. Therefore, they become more capable in life since they get enough reliance from society. Besides, their success reverberates to their income, beauty can also obtain fruitful salaries. Beautiful people gain more money since companies believe that a staff’s appearance can be productive for the business, for example more sales.

Also there is a study to prove the idea that good looking employees can increase a firms’ income. In this study they “use firm-level panel data from the Dutch advertising industry to analyze the effect of employees’ attractiveness, or beauty, on firms’ performance” and the result obviously attests that it can really augment the firm’s income. As a result of this, both companies and both good looking employees are happy since they make profitable business. In addition also in politics, appearance is an important factor to win elections. As an example of this, in Finland beautiful candidates receive 20% more votes than candidates with a rather normal appearance. The reason for this is voters like watching good looking politicians and think that attractive people are more qualified than others. Whole political parties are aware of the power of beauty and they use it effectively. Parties hire professional photographers, stylists and make-up artists and they organize their speeches in the best location in which their politicians look good. As a result voters are glad to watch beautiful politicians while they are sure to their country is protected by those attractive and also successful politicians as they have enough capability to govern them in triumph.

Apart from this, while beauty impresses community, brings success and forthrightly makes people happy, it can also affect human psychology so as to feel good. Human nature seeks beauty in every part of life so as to achieve happiness. Plato says that “The three wishes of every man; to be healthy, to be rich by honest means, and to be beautiful.”. He defines beauty as one of the most important goals for a human being. Regardless gender, humans desire good looks to be satisfied. For example, “the average American man spends thirty-two minutes to titivate while the average American woman spends forty-four minutes”. It displays evidently that trying to become beautiful is a common daily issue for all genders. Besides, it cannot be surprising because even people try to improve their appearance by diet, cosmetics or fashion, moreover they undergo plastic surgeries to achieve their dream appearance. People use many ways to reach the beauty even though the way is painful. People can endure everything since their aim is to pursuit “body beautiful and the happy soul”.

A good appearance can easily bring happiness. Consequently, people try surgeries to be happy despite the pain and also results of surgeries are not always as wished. It can really make people satisfied. To “illustrate, the study about patient’s psychology after surgery certifies that 59% of patients’ self-confidence increase, 16.5 percent of patients find that surgery develops their social life, 14.7 percent of patients claim that it improves their career and 5.6% of them find the surgery positive”. 

Beauty can provide a good social life and fruitful career, improve human psychology and also help people to find a true mate. People mostly want a person to love and to be loved. Humans can rapidly be happy with a required love. Besides, human naturally tries to continue his/her blonde line. As a result mating which is fairly essential for mankind is a significant aim in lifetime. Moreover, there are a lot of criteria to find a good mate but research shows that appearance plays one of the most important roles on mating. Human genetically seeks beauty in every part of life especially on human face and body. Some believe that this is result of searching symmetry or some asserts that natural selection causes this. Those show that while searching for a mate, allure is remarkable and also it is directly connected with both symmetry and natural selection. There are some proofs for this. To illustrate, both women and men prefer a mate with “a face in which forehead and jaw are in vertical alignment”.

It demonstrates that people want symmetry even on a person’s face. Also there are two examples of the effects of natural selection while choosing a mate. First, males prefer a woman with “low waist-to-hip ratios. Low WHRs means hips and buttocks are bigger than the waist. Male prefers them because researches express that a woman with high WHRs are more likely to suffer from health problems. Commonly women with low WHRs seem attractive for society and it substantiates that while men find it beautiful, they also think instinctively creating healthy posterities. Second, also females try to choose their mate from tall men since women claim that tall males can raise more children and they are more powerful to protect their family. This is obviously the result of natural selection because women also desire a huge family and need safekeeping instinctively. Consequently, if a person is beautiful genetically, he/she is more likely to engage in mating which improves happiness greatly.

In conclusion, happiness is an essential goal in life and while achieving it beauty is a common tool. Some believe that beauty can make people stressful; however, beauty has a “halo effect” which can help humans to cope with stress hands down. Besides, beauty is very powerful since it can assist people in every issue greatly. It can impress society, it can influence people to feel mentally good and also it helps people to find a good mate.

Consequently, while pursuing happiness, beauty has an effective impact.

This Article is the second part in the ongoing Article Series all around happiness. – Diving Deep into for one of the oldest questions Mankind ever asked: What is happiness and how to pursue it? Stay with us and have a look into part one and find out if “Money can buy Happiness” or Part three about “How Gender and Age effect Happiness”

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