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Equipment needed to start Eco housing with recycled plastic in YOUR country



Recycling / Pelletizing Machines

You will need to turn the waste plastic into pellets that will be fed into your production machines afterwards. In this process you will already finish the end mixture (80%Filler / 20% Plastic / Color / Fire retardant / etc.) Manufacturers for those kind of machines are nearly everywhere available. Keep in mind that the pelletizing machine(s) need to produce at least as much pellets per hour as your manufacturing plant needs to produce your End product per hour. You can of course also buy already recycled and pelletized plastic on the market in all different colors, qualities and prices. We recommend for this technology the use of HDPE and LDPE Plastics.

You need to decide on the kind of plastic you want to use beforehand – the Extruding machines need to be adjusted to the plastic you want to use.


Up to three special Profile Extruders for the building parts of the first generation

Due to the low Plastic content and the high filler content (Up to 80% Sand / Calcium) there will happen a huge amount of friction / abrasion in the machines. The Extruders for this purpose need to be treated at the inside with a special alloy applied in several coatings, which will help to extend the lifetime of the machines.


Injection molding Extruder for the Bricks of the second generation

The Bricks of the first generation are produced as endless product cut into the needed length, not so the parts of the second generation, those are produced by “injecting” the plastic mineral compound into a cooled form mounted to the exit of the extruding machine, which produces single parts.


Sand Dryer

If there is one thing that should NEVER get into a Extruding machine, it is humidity. If using construction sand as filler, Sand drying machines are an essential investment to make.


Working Force

You will need some skilled people to run your machines, just do us a favor for offering this technology free to use – pay and treat them well.



Coperion (Germany)

Kraus Maffei Extrusion (Germany)

Union Extrusion (Italy)

USEON (China)

Rajoo Bausan (India)

ASUN Machinery (China)

Polytech (China)

Neoplast (India)

Vrundavan (India)


The above listed manufacturers will be very happy to assist you in technical questions. We highly recommend the German and Italian manufacturers, altough more expensive, you will get quality and a Team of engineers helping you from the first step until the manufacturing of your first house. China is the cheaper but also more risky way to go. India is the least preferrable option due to our experience, you will have a hard time getting in touch with someone who actually knows how to do his job.

We hope those informations will be a help in your endeavour to bring affordable housing made of recycled plastic into your country. If you have further questions please dont hestitate to contact us via the contact form at this website or reach out to the creator of this technology directly:

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