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5500 sq/ft Multi Purpose Eco Brick Building

5500sq/ft Multi Purpose Eco Brick Building

  • Perfect as Small School/Community Center/Hospital/Industrial Complex
  • Turnkey ready
  • Construction in max. 25 days



Site Making + Foundation

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Prepare your Site yourself Let our Contractors prepare your Site

Construction Package (+$0.00)

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Build your house yourself. We will deliver the materials and a construction manual. Videos will be available on youtube as well.Get one Engineer to assist you with the building processFull service house building package

Doors & Windows

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WARNING: Insertion of Windows and Doors into the premade Rails not possible afterwards. (Not recommended)Basic Fibre Doors & Aluminium Windows +BarsHigh Quality Composite Doors and Aluminum Windows + Bars

Roof package (+$0.00)

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A Basic Aluminium Sheet RoofAdd a third floor to your house

Water Supply package (+$0.00)

Please choose Upgrade

No Water Tank and no plumbing (not recommended)Platform + Water Tank + plumbing (recommended) (Half price with second floor roofing)

Electric wiring Package (+$0.00)

Please choose Upgrade

BEWARE: No insertion afterwards possible (not recommended)We insert the Electric wiring inside the walls while building them (recommended)

Plumbing Package (+$0.00)

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No Plumbing (Not recommended) BEWARE: No insertion of pipes afterwards possibleWe add the pipes into the walls while building them (recommended)

Solar Package (+$0.00)

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No Solar Energy / No Solar Water HeaterSolar panels + Batteries + installationSolar water heater + plumbing



Thanks to the Material, our houses last for 500 Years


Thanks to the high plastic content – common threats to houses like fungus, water or mold can never ever penetrate or attack your house. As we all know, is plastic a non degradable product, which causes many environmental problems. On the other hand, it’s abilities are fantastic utilized in our affordable and long lasting homes.


Cement is brittle, if you put too much weight on it, it breaks, and thats it. Our plastic composites are different. They are not only stronger than cement since the plastic “glue” is slightly stronger than the cement “glue” but also it is not brittle and allows our Bricks to bend and reshape themselves if needed.

Cement is brittle, our plastic composites are not
No kidding, its really that cheap




We produce initially about 150 houses a month, made out of recycled plastic and other affordable minerals – we can offer a unbeatable price. So that you and your family can enjoy a sturdy home, even though you may have a small Budget.





Plastic burns – for normal – but since our houses contain only a small part of plastic and have a fire retardant included in the mix, it ensures that your house wont burn down. But be aware – it is is no guarantee against melting in case of other materials burning next to it.

Yes, its fireproof. We add certain ingredients to ensure that
As Earthquake proof as it can get


While we do not recommend being in a house whilst an Earthquake, we would chose one of our houses over any other. Our construction technology imitates the structures of the Mayas and Egyptians, with blocks fitting exactly into each other, without adhesive. Giving the materials opportunity to move. 2000+ year old buildings in Egypt and South America speak for themselves.


All the delivered parts are hollow inside, the bricks, the poles and even the columns. This makes them more lightweight, gives the house a better insulation ( air is a great insulator ) and gives us the opportunity to funnel in pipes, wires and everything else you want in your walls – whilst building the house. Just drill a hole big enough at the point you want the sink, toilet, socket or lamp.

Build it up, tear it down, take it with you, build it up
Plastic in the Environment is horrible


Plastic in our Environment is horrible – it breaks slowly down into micro plastic, animals eat it, we eat it, it is already everywhere – in our food and water. Causing cancer and other diseases this is one of the major crises of this century. We take this plastic out of this circle and build homes with it. One 50sq/m house removes 3 tons of plastic waste out of the environment.


We offer our houses as Vastu compliant as possible. Even though our technology seems to have no limits, it has. The options of building a house are limited by the form of our construction materials, not every shape and room configuration is possible. We try our best to make it as comfortable for you as possible in the frame of the available possibilities.

Build it up, tear it down, take it with you, build it up


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