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Powering The Entire World With 100 Tesla “Gigafactories”?

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Yes, very likely. Well, at least that’s what Tesla Inc claims but everyone knows that these peeps rarely make claims with unfounded basis.


Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors


If anyone has made a significant stride in the field of clean energy then Tesla has to be THE company to do so. Envisioning a new world with futuristic inventions and sustainable energy production seems to be the primary goal for Tesla and rightly so. It becomes more and more urgent for the private sector in the USA to steer the US market into a more sustainable and environmental friendly direction, after the last decisions made by republican “Government”.


With Elon Musk at the helm of its affairs, there is very little that Tesla Motors hasn’t achieved. Since its inception 13 years ago, the company has been making electric vehicles that are surpassing the likes of traditional fuel and gas running vehicles on the road. Tesla’s cars have been known to set records for both performance and quality thereby enjoying a zealous fan-base worldwide. The company, however, does not plan on stopping at this juncture and recently announced the construction of their long-awaited project “Gigafactory” with an exclusive premiere on Nat Geo alongside actor and philanthropist Leonardo Di Caprio.


Teslas Gigafactories, one hundred of them could produce every good humankind needs – the sustainable way


The Gigafactories will be instrumental in building batteries that power the electric vehicles of Tesla Motors. Lithium-ion batteries that will be produced here in the Gigafactory has a global demand and a very limited supply. This is because lithium-ion batteries are used in everything from power tools to mobile phones to automobiles As of now, the company currently imports all its batteries from the Asian continent.


Insights in Teslas production facilities


The need for a plant of this capacity was felt after a surge in demand for electric vehicles within the last few years. Tesla’s latest offering, the “Model 3” saw pre-orders ranging to the tune of 400,000 within weeks after the launch of the prototype. Finishing the factory within the stipulated time of 2018 ensures that Tesla stays true on its course to start building its Model 3 Sedan. Managing the demand variable for these vehicles on a time-line without losing money and compromising on the quality standards was slowly becoming a big hurdle for Tesla. The documentary “Before The Flood” gave an exclusive preview of Gigafactory, a $5 billion projects based out of Nevada desert which once completed would become one of the world’s largest battery production facility. Given below are some amazing facts pertaining to Tesla’ ambitious plan with “Gigafactory”


Tesla will produce every year double the amount of electric cars produced worldwide at all – until today


  •    The name of the factory comes from the word “Giga” which is a unit of measurement where one gigawatt is equivalent to 1000 megawatts. One gigawatt hour equals to generating one billion watts for every hour.
  •    The factory is located in the Storey County in the heartland of Nevada on a massive 3000-acre land. This is more than the size of New York’s Central Park.
  •    Once finished, the Gigafactory would be capable of producing 35-gigawatt hours of batteries by the year 2018 which is equivalent to the entire world’s production.
  •    The assembly line of the Gigafactory would be responsible for making lithium-ion batteries which would make it possible to build approximately 500,000 cars annually.
  •    This massive complex also known as the “alien dreadnaught” by Tesla’s employees is slated to house some 6500 employees along with “Automated Guided Vehicles” (AGV’s) that will work together in conjunction to produce batteries.
  •    The factory will be using renewable energy to power itself and will also be decked with state of the art recycling system.


With the Gigafactories Tesla becomes the major employer of the entire USA


The entire point of having such a massive facility is to make batteries that can be used to store renewable energy more affordable. The work on the Gigafactory is not even halfway through but the factory is already producing more batteries than the entire industry combined. The biggest factories in the world currently produce about 4 Gigawatt hours of lithium-ion batteries annually. Tesla purportedly has 2 or 3 Gigafactories coming up in the states within the next few years. This ambitious project by Tesla could also come to the European and Asian continent. China and India remain the likely contenders here in Asia. In India, Tesla Motors is looking to set shop to cater to the growing demand for electric cars. This comes at a critical time when the Indian government has launched an ambitious plan of moving to 100% electric mobility by the year 2030.



According to Musk, transitioning the world to sustainable energy via Gigafactories is indeed possible and a 100 of these Gigafactories would surely set the tone for such a change. This, however, will require a collective effort of bigger companies and not just Tesla Motors for a transition of this scale. Elon has always been a strong advocate of shifting towards alternative and renewable sources of energy and under his leadership, Tesla Inc is committed to the goal of reducing the cost of sustainable energy.



As the realities of climate change and pollution dawns upon us ever so gravely now, there is an increasing need for such noble initiatives. There is no doubt that alternative energy remains the next best option for mankind. Considering that Musk is right and these low-cost batteries could help secure a future where alternative energy is the key, then Gigafactoies could just be a step in the right direction.   

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